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Keep an eye on this section for handy tips on making your move as smooth as possible. You will find hints and tips on packaging, packing, delicate items, how to plan your move and lots more

packing tips and hacks

Packing tips & hacks

Packing tips for a stress free home move By planning ahead you can achieve a stress free home move. Downsizing, decluttering and sorting through your unwanted household belongings way before your move day will give you a great head start. Also, accumulating packing supplies during the months leading up to your move and writing an […]
how to label boxes removals

How to label boxes for moving

Tips on labelling boxes for your move The pre-moving stage and labelling of your moving boxes is so important. During this transitional time in your life, by preparing an inventory list and packing your possessions in advance of your upcoming move will greatly reduce the emotional pressure that you experience. Professional removing packing tips Planning […]
tips on packing books

Home removal tips for book lovers

The art of packing books is explained for your removal day. Moving home is often a stressful and time consuming event. However, our packing tips and expertise will ease the emotional strain, protect your prized possessions and be helpful for everyone including those of you whom are book lovers. Planning your move and preparing appropriate […]
packing plates service reading

Tips on packing plates

Packing plates Some tips for packing plates and dishes properly for your move day to avoid any breakage. When moving home and handling your packing, then some fragile items like your china plates will need to be protected during the move. We know how to pack fragile dinnerware when moving to ensure it is at […]
protective removal packaging

Protecting your home & belongings

Removals if carried out correctly shouldn’t be a stressful experience. Moving home with a skilled team with appropriate staff levels to do the job properly without being under pressure means a better moving experience for you.  That is why Barleycorn Removals approach each removal with skill, patience & care and why we are ‘Conscientious, professional, […]
Business2Schools donate office removals

Working with the Business2Schools platform

The Business2Schools platform allows firms to donate their unwanted furniture and tech so that it can be used in schools across the UK. Furniture you don’t need is usually better quality and more robust than anything a school would normally have. Computers and laptops will be newer and faster with higher spec components.  If we […]
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