Home removal tips for book lovers

tips on packing books

The art of packing books is explained for your removal day.

Moving home is often a stressful and time consuming event. However, our packing tips and expertise will ease the emotional strain, protect your prized possessions and be helpful for everyone including those of you whom are book lovers.

Planning your move and preparing appropriate packing materials in advance of the move day will definitely lessen any stress and the risk of damaging your books.

Spine shelving

Using the technique of packing books with the spine facing downwards is known as spine shelving. As opposed to packing books with the pages facing the bottom of your storage containers, will lessen the chance of them bending due to insufficient support.

Choose smaller and strong packing boxes

Like vinyl records, books are very heavy and therefore, the size of your boxes is of utmost importance for ease of moving and to protect your cherished collection. Additionally, if you are planning to store your books rather than relocate them to a new home it is advisable to choose storage containers that will protect books from moisture and pests. Using packing paper to line the inside of your boxes is a good way of protecting covers. And by filling any gaps with lightweight material will also provide cushioning.

Our professional movers will really appreciate you labelling your possessions. For instance, heavy boxes will be loaded at the bottom of the removal vehicle.

See our related blog on labelling boxes for more helpful tips and the following is a brief summary of tips for the successful packing of your books.

  • Use good quality materials.
  • Use smaller and strong boxes.
  • Use packing paper to line your boxes.
  • Use acid free paper for expensive, old or damaged books.
  • Wrap any fragile books with newspaper for extra protection.
  • Pieces of card between each book can also help.
  • Avoid overfilling boxes.
  • Use plenty of tape.
  • Group your books by size beforehand.
  • Lay your books facing flat.
  • Pack binding to binding.
  • Use lightweight soft material such as bedding to fill any gaps.
  • Label your boxes so it is clear they have heavy books inside.

Whether you are planning for a commercial and office relocation, moving home or storage we have the expertise to assist with packing, moving and storage. Barleycorn Removals and Storage are highly recommended for local and national moving by both Checkatrade and Which? Trusted Traders.

If you require free space in your new home and plan to store your books and any other household possessions, we offer professional and secure storage such as warehouse container storage, shipping containers and self-storage rooms. We can also help with packing and our purpose built dry containers provide clients with the extra space that they need.

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