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Frequently asked questions

Please check out our frequently asked questions for Barleycorn Removals, helpful tips, advice and answers.

Yes we have ‘Goods in Transit’ insurance cover to the value of £50,000 (extra cover can be arranged if required) full public liability insurance and fully insured vehicles.

It’s best to decide on a moving date when contracts are exchanged but we can pencil in a move day for you which will be held up to 5 days prior if exchange has not happened or up to 1 day prior if we do not have other booking requests. It is normal to move on the day of completion. Fridays can be very busy days, as are bank holiday weekends. Give yourself plenty of time to get quotes and choose a removals service. Moving mid-week allows greater flexibility. Contact us to check our availability.

No unfortunately our insurance does not cover the transportation of non employees.

Yes, in areas requiring parking permits please contact your local council or parking permit issuer for parking suspensions. In uncontrolled areas we can supply road cones (free of charge) prior to your moving day to cone off an area for our vehicles. Click on your area for your local council’s parking restrictions details. Oxford Reading Newbury/West Berkshire If you need extra help or info please give us a call.

Yes if it an item that has a plug then we can. For all hard wired (no plug) appliances such as cookers you will require a qualified electrician to uninstall.

If it has a bayonet connector then yes otherwise you will need a Corgi registered gas engineer.

We can pencil your date in the diary without a deposit but if you wish to book that day we request a £150 deposit. Should your move date change, as long as we are not fully booked on that day your deposit will not be lost and will be deducted from your final bill. If you are pencilled in we will not give your date away without offering you the chance to put a deposit down. This is reliant on prompt response to our enquiries. We reserve the right to book other work should we fail to get a response within 3 days.

Moving Tips

Here are a few great tips to help your move go smoothly

1. Plan your move on paper (or computer document) including a timeline of planned events and key dates such as exchange of contracts, completion, moving day etc.
2. Make an inventory of all items in your house, work by room by room listing everything that you wish to keep a record of. Also if you wish you can list the date purchased and the items value.

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3. You may want to notify some of the following about your upcoming change of address:

  • Royal Mail (redirect your mail) Click Here
  • Gas supplier
  • Electricity supplier
  • Water supplier
  • Telephone company
  • Local council
  • Cable company
  • Family and friends
  • Milkman
  • Newspapers
  • Internet service provider
  • Banks and Building Societies
  • Creditors
  • Schools
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Vet
  • D.V.L.A. Change address link Click Here
  • Insurance company

4. List the contact details for all the parties relevant to your move (estate agents, buyer, removals etc) in your moving document.
5. Create a floor plan of your new property listing each room in the house and where you would like the furniture placed. This will save time on the day and avoid re-moving items Here are some free floor plan creation software links Room Sketcher Floor Planner– You can also ask your estate agent for a floor plan or follow this link for more info eHow Alternatively you can do it the old fashioned way with a pen & paper.
6. On the day of your move place all keys, manuals (boilers, cooker etc) in an envelope marked DO NOT MOVE and store in a prominent place such as the kitchen counter.
7. Keep a basic cleaning kit aside such as a vacuum cleaner and cleaning agents, cloths, gloves etc you can label these DO NOT MOVE using Post-it notes or low tack masking tape.
8. Label any furniture that is staying in the property DO NOT MOVE using Post-it notes or masking tape.
9. Run down the contents of your fridge and freezer in the run up to your moving day. Keep a cool box handy for any fragile chilled items.
10. Keep cash, passports, jewellery and any other important documents or items with you during the move.
11. Pack a small bag with personal items, change of clothing, basic toiletries and loo roll. Label this DO NOT MOVE and store ready to be transported by you.
12. To save your time during the unloading process you can label furniture with the destination room in your new property if you like. We would suggest you use low tack masking tape for this (which we will provide free of charge). Use this at your discretion and do not use on any particularly delicate items.
13. Please drain plants of excess water before we move them.
14. Have a plan for pets during the move. Cats particularly can become distressed by the moving process. We would suggest pets should be kept in a locked room (either empty or to be loaded last) or in kennels or cattery.
15. Having childcare arranged or help from relatives/friends during the moving process is recommended.
16. Please be aware that we cannot take any paints, flammable liquids, solvents fireworks, firearms or ammunition so please have a think about how you plan to transport or dispose of these items.
17. Unwanted furniture can be disposed of/recycled in some cases so please speak to us about this.
18. Please have a think about any access issues at your new property and notify us at any time before your moving day. Access issues might include problems getting a vehicle in the driveway or near the property, steep or narrow driveways, shared access or large numbers of steps to the property. None of the above is a problem for us but we like to know in advance.
19. Notify neighbours in both old and new properties before your move day about the presence of removals trucks. We will do our very best to minimise disruption
20. Organise parking suspensions with your local council if necessary (permit bays, pay and display, double yellows etc). If not applicable please request your free road cones but be sure to liaise with your neighbours first before placing cones outside your property.

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