Tips on packing plates

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Packing plates

Some tips for packing plates and dishes properly for your move day to avoid any breakage.

When moving home and handling your packing, then some fragile items like your china plates will need to be protected during the move.

We know how to pack fragile dinnerware when moving to ensure it is at your new home in one piece. Here are a few tips to help you pack your kitchen dishes, plates and flatware properly.

When crushed into a ball packing paper is a cost effective way to absorb shock and avoid broken plates during the loading or transportation of your homeware.  It is also reusable and works just as well as other specialised packing dishes materials.

To start it is ideal to cover and use a flat surface when packing. Then use a good size of paper to fold around your plate. Be sure to leave no parts exposed and instead to fully cover the item being packed. Then, place your next plate on top and cover with a remaining edge. Repeat this process until the sheet is used to its entirety and you have fully wrapped plates.

When packing plates into moving boxes we advise:

  • Place soft material such as clothing to pad the inside of your boxes.
  • Pack your plates one by one leaving no contact between surfaces.
  • Place plates on their sides as opposed to flat.
  • Fill the whole box leaving no free space.
  • Fill any gaps with paper.
  • Seal and then label all sides of the box.
  • Use a “fragile” label.
  • Use a dish pack boxes.
  • You can replace packing paper with magazines or newspapers, bubble wrap, clothing or towels.

Professional packing services

We offer professional packing services and our trained packers can wrap and pack all of your crockeries safely. Thus, because of our expertise, any risk of your homeware being damaged during transit is greatly reduced. Our ‘careful handling’ ethos delivers expertly wrapped, packaged and protected household possessions for our customers.

We are highly experienced packers and skilled at packing antiques and delicate items. Our expertise will save you time, allowing you to focus on other things whilst your home is packed up by our team of professional packers.

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