How to label boxes for moving

how to label boxes removals

Tips on labelling boxes for your move

The pre-moving stage and labelling of your moving boxes is so important.

During this transitional time in your life, by preparing an inventory list and packing your possessions in advance of your upcoming move will greatly reduce the emotional pressure that you experience.

Professional removing packing tips

Planning ahead for your moving day will ensure that your house move to pastures new will be a far more enjoyable and stress free experience. More specifically by packing, sealing and labelling moving boxes the whole process will feel like a breeze rather than overwhelming for both yourself and your professional removers. Moreover, your labelled possessions will very efficiently loaded, unloaded and moved to the right designated place and room in your new home.

We highly recommend that you use a room-by-room and colour coded labelling system. By combining priority code labels and fragile item labelling to this packing system our home removal team will prioritise what items are loaded on and off of the vehicle first. Additionally, labelling the doors of the destination rooms will ease communication and save you moving boxes yourself.

Here are a few tips and things that will help your move go smoothly:

  • Create a list of your household possessions.
  • Create a property floor plan listing each room in the house and where your furniture is to be placed.
  • Where applicable list the date purchased and items value.
  • Get your moving boxes in advance.
  • Coloured permanent water proof marker pens.
  • Colour tape or clear tape with coloured paper.
  • Label your essentials.
  • Label all sides of the boxes.
  • Include fragile labels for items to be handled with care.
  • Place all keys, manuals etc in an envelope and keep safe.
  • Keep a cleaning kit aside.
  • Label furniture that is staying in the property.
  • Use a cool box for any fragile chilled items.
  • Drain plants of excess water before moving them.

Our professional home moving team will protect your things household possessions in transit and always provide a quality service. This excellent standard of home moving service is much easier to achieve when our customers use labelling systems. We greatly appreciate this preparation and during our years of experience have seen the difference in our customers stress levels when they have taken the time to prepare properly for their move day.

Professional packing service

If you don’t have the time to pack then feel free to contact us for free packing advice and to discuss our professional packing services.

We are expert packers and skilled in the art of wrapping and packing delicate items, artworks and antiques. Our brilliant packing service includes the supply of air pillows, recycled wrapping paper, tape, moving boxes, wardrobe boxes for hanging garments and Furniguard™ protective wrapping. We can carefully wrap and box your crockery, glasses and chinaware, provide crating of mirrors and pictures and bespoke crates for large fragile items.

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