Packing tips & hacks

packing tips and hacks

Packing tips for a stress free home move

By planning ahead you can achieve a stress free home move. Downsizing, decluttering and sorting through your unwanted household belongings way before your move day will give you a great head start. Also, accumulating packing supplies during the months leading up to your move and writing an inventory list will definitely help to reduce any emotional pressure.

Packing hacks for your clothing

By rolling your clothing rather than folding clothes saves a huge amount of packing space. However, be sure not to overload your moving boxes and for instance, pack some lighter items in the top section such as footwear with socks inside. For clothing that wrinkles easily, the plastic of bin liners helps to reduce this and dry cleaning bags are also a good idea. Additionally, nylon bags are useful for protecting your footwear during transportation. Your shoes can also be used to pack smaller items within such as socks which will also serve to keep the shape of your footwear.

Save money on packing supplies by using bedding and other soft household items to wrap and pad your household furniture.

Packing hacks for fragile items

We are highly experienced at taking extra care of your delicate items. Items with larger surfaces such as mirrors are best packed vertically, not horizontally to avoid breakage. Also, by using soft padding and labelling each side of the box as fragile will help to safely transport your belongings. Packing hacks for your furniture

To save unpacking and as long as the load isn’t too heavy, chests of drawers and their contents can be wrapped in plastic with duck tape. However, we definitely advise removing any handles that may cause damage.

Placing fitted sheets on either side of your mattress will ensure that it stays clean during your move day.

Packing paper or newspapers can be used for wrapping furniture legs to make these heavy items easier to slide whilst also protecting flooring from scratching. Soft bedding and towelling can be used for furniture without legs.

Here is a summary for some packing tips and hacks

  • Compile an inventory list.
  • Visit local shops to ask for free moving boxes.
  • Think manageable and definitely don’t overload large boxes.
  • Cut vertical holes as handles in the lower part of your boxes.
  • Check freecycle and other online sites for any free packing supplies.
  • Gather markers, labels, tape, newspapers and packing paper.
  • Use bedding for packing and protecting possessions.
  • Prepare a toolbox and cleaning kit for the days before your move.
  • Use dry cleaning and plastic bags for evening wear and items that wrinkle easily.
  • Pack small items into footwear.
  • Place shoes inside nylon bags.
  • Group your clothing hangers into small stacks.
  • Pack out of season clothing in vacuum seal bags.
  • Pack fragile items vertically.
  • Use zipped folders to pack all your documents.
  • Label your possessions by room and use the same coloured labels for the destination rooms.
  • Label your boxes on all sides and add fragile where appropriate.

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