Working with the Business2Schools platform

Business2Schools donate office removals

The Business2Schools platform allows firms to donate their unwanted furniture and tech so that it can be used in schools across the UK.

business 2 schools Initiative

Furniture you don’t need is usually better quality and more robust than anything a school would normally have. Computers and laptops will be newer and faster with higher spec components.  If we let schools have lots more of everything, students will be able to work more quicky and efficiently.

Environmentally, its good practice and ethical – so it’s a great way to measure your ESG and CSR.

You can donate items schools would like directly through the Business2Schools platform. Anything else on your inventory that schools don’t need can be sold on our ebay account, encouraging further ways for your business to donate to schools in the UK.

Look out for our lorries, this one recently went from New Bond Street to secondary schools in Chichester.
These are some of the things businesses have donated……

Follow our journey from London to schools around the UK and See how your business and items from your office can make a positive difference to schools in the UK.
Once your things have been installed into a school, we’ll send you pictures of how amazing they look in their new home.

For more information on how you can be involved with The Business2Schools platform click here

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