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Self-Storage Room

Great self-storage rooms in Reading, Oxford, Wallingford, Benson and the surrounding areas with lockable doors.

Easy access secure storage

We can also offer a range of self-storage options.

Self-storage doesn’t mean you have to move the items yourself it means that you are the key holder and can access the units as you please without having to give 48 hours’ notice (within opening hours).

The self-storage units are purpose built steel and aluminium rooms with lockable doors which you can hold the key to.

This allows regular access if you would like to add or take away items. It is also a good option for large items (larger than 7 feet) and delicate artworks, sculptures, oil paintings etc.

Self-storage is great for all household items including temperature sensitive items such as antique furniture & pianos. Storage of foods or beverages, flammable liquids or explosives is not allowed. See our T&Cs for a full list

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