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Covid 19 – Moving during the coronavirus pandemic

After a period of shutdown Barleycorn Removals are now operating again. The coronavirus crisis has taken us all by surprise and forced us all to make radical changes in our lives. It has been difficult but necessary for us to temporarily postpone moves for everyone’s safety. Now, in keeping with the government guidelines, we are returning to work.

We recognise that people still need to move during this time but are concerned about their safety. After consultation with industry bodies (A.I.M & B.A.R) we have put together a set of protocols for safe moving during the current pandemic.

We hope that by following these protocols that we can still provide the same high level of service but in a new way of working.

Social Distancing

Minimising person to person contact and maintaining a safe distance throughout the process is fundamental to working safely. To enable safe distancing between customers and staff we have put in place the following

  • Video surveys – WhatsApp video calls instead of a visit to your home for your survey
  • Staff members travel separately – members of staff should travel to work in separate vehicles
  • Customers should provide instructions to the team and stay in one room in the house, away from where team members are working (the room can be changed throughout the process)
  • Customers should plan how they can best protect themselves from contact with staff (we will work alongside you to ensure this happens)
  • Vulnerable people should be elsewhere if possible
  • Staff members should strictly maintain the 2 metre rules unless impossible due to a small but heavy object – sack barrows to be used where possible to avoid close contact
  • Staff are expected to follow government guidelines re social distancing outside of work
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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Staff are provided with disposable masks, visors and gloves as part of their essential PPE kit
  • Staff are be provided with minimum of 5 days of PPE provision at one time
  • Staff can submit a request for an item of PPE they think is necessary to protect their health


  • All vehicles contain at least one bottle of alcohol-based hand sanitiser
  • It is the responsibility of all employees to report diminished supply of hand sanitiser
  • All vehicles contain alcohol wipes for cleaning furniture & surfaces throughout both properties and working vehicles
  • Staff must NOT except drinks in non-disposable cups from customers or other members of staff
  • Quarantining boxes – we can work with you to plan which items you can quarantine and for how long


  • Staff must report a fever or dry cough and self-isolate
  • Staff are expected to follow government guidelines re social distancing outside of work

We believe by follow these protocols we can move you safely and with the usual high level of service expected of us. Please get in touch for more information or to request a video survey

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